TigerSheet Tips - How to Become Advanced TigerSheet User

New to Tigersheet? Worry Not! 5 tips to take you from novice to advanced user. (Part-2)

Hello…Welcome back to Tigersheet!

In the last part, we saw 5 super cool features that can help you leverage the most out of Tigersheet platform. In this post, we will look at the next set of features that users can greatly benefit from while they are embarking on a journey with Tigersheet.

Besides, these too you can always refer to our Tigersheet Knowledgebase (the help center), read our help blogs, or watch YouTube videos for free. In case of queries, help or any issue don’t think a second but ping us at Tigersheet support and we are here to help!

Benefit from Triggers in Tigersheet- Create Powerful Workflow Applications in a jiffy!

Triggers are one of the most vital automation tools inside Tigersheet that take away all the hassle out of tracking your work, managing your client and employee relationships, and tracking your time.

Our smart triggers run in the background – shooting off emails, tasks, status changes, and a lot more- so that you can focus on the work that matters leaving Tigersheet to handle the rest! The best part, these can be defined across nearly all your workflows (Sales, Requests, Approvals, Invoices, Companies, and Even Contacts).

IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING. A Wrong Message sent at an inappropriate time is as powerful as a bad punchline!

With Tigersheet in place, send the perfect message at the perfect time. You can use event-triggered messages to send to customers that are actively reading your email messages or to re-engage users after a set period of time. You can use event-triggered messages as a way to thank someone for visiting your website or for making a purchase on your website. Event-triggered messages can be set up based on any user activity such as email opens or clicks and more specifically, based on which links the user has clicked on.

Here’s a screencast video that shows how you can use the ‘send email’ trigger in Tigersheet.

Convert data trapped inside those emails to an easy handle format like an Excel sheet! Parse Email to Sheet!

Does a part of your business rely on data that you receive by email? For example, leads from a lead owner, product inquiries from prospective customers, order confirmations from your online shops, sales stats…and a lot more… And you need to copy this imported data from Email to your database or Excel?

If such is the scenario, how do you convert data trapped inside those emails to an easy handle format like an Excel sheet?  Well, we don’t want you to struggle with a tedious copy & paste manual routine anymore.

Ever heard of email parsers? You teach these programs how to recognize patterns in your emails, tell them what data is actually important and that everything else can be ignored, and then have them save only the important stuff.

Tigersheet can parse incoming emails for key information and import this email data into an auto-updating sheet.

Here’s our screencast that will walk you through Tigersheet to understand the step by step process to set an email parser where you can parse your lead/inquiry emails and store them in Tigersheet.

Build Powerful Web Forms with Tigersheet

Have you ever tried building a web form right from the beginning?

Yes, we agree! It can be extremely daunting to build a web form from scratch, even if you are a web developer. Teams often require tools that can input data to automate the processing and monitoring of valuable information. While business professionals do have a clear insight into what these web forms should look like, they often lack the requisite skills to code and deploy applications.

Now, imagine what if you need a lot of forms with built-in notifications, spam filters, validation checks, and other such smart features, you will have to consider months of development. Not to forget, the concerns you may have about keeping your data secure and private.

Well, with Tigersheet in place you don’t have to imagine anymore!

Tigersheet lets you design and launches web forms in just minutes, right from your browser. On top of that, there is no coding involved, so anyone in your team can build forms. Plus, you can add all the nifty stuff we mentioned, like automated email notifications!

This comprehensive, step-by-step video series walks you through using Tigersheet to create contact forms, which are among the most basic or the most complex web forms you can build.

Design Custom Print Templates

Print templates enable you to print a record in a pdf format. You can customize and beautify the template look and feel.

For example, the sales reps may have to send a quote to a customer for review. In this case, they can use print templates and choose a template to print a quote and email them directly.

With print templates, you can print, email the pdf directly, and download a record. You can use the readily available templates from Word and paste it and then print or export your records.

Check our video below to learn how you can print records with custom templates!

Use the ‘Mail Merge’ feature and send bulk emails to clients and or run email campaigns.

Anyone who has access to an email address would probably know how popular mass emails and newsletters have become today. The benefits of sending out bulk emails are fairly self-explanatory: you can customize email templates to your marketing message and then send it out to a huge number of people in a short amount of time, for free (or very inexpensively). From a value standpoint, that is tough to beat.

Here at Tigersheet, we do acknowledge and realize that bulk emails can have a great impact on many businesses. In fact, that’s why we have our own bulk email feature called Mail Merge using which users can send bulk emails and run email marketing campaigns.

here’s an interactive screencast that will demonstrate the entire process through which you can send out bulk emails and run email campaigns using Mail Merge in Tigersheet.

Tigersheet Features

New to Tigersheet? Worry Not! 5 tips to take you from novice to advanced user( Part-1)

Are you new to using Tigersheet and a fan of getting work done more efficiently?

Do you want to add more value to your company? Do you and your team want to achieve better results, faster? 

As a new user of Tigersheet, I’ve quickly become familiar with the basics of Tigersheet and know it can help me accomplish all of the above. Now, I’m ready to dive a little deeper and enhance my knowledge of the platform to unlock even more capabilities that help me collaborate with my team and stakeholders, gain better visibility into projects and processes, and discover important information more 

I searched through our library of resources (so you don’t have to) and discovered these five tips to help you take your Tigersheet knowledge to the next level:

Use notifications and schedule automatic reminders to keep collaborators informed

For every update, your team receives notifications through email. Onscreen reminders are also available for them to keep up with happenings whenever they are on the Tigersheet interface.

You can even customize in settings and update your teams to receive mobile push and email notifications. These Notification are quite fruitful and they allow you to see and quickly act on other items — such as update requests, approval requests, and notifications — as you work in Tigersheet. 

You can set up and customize notification rules (triggers), and save time and work faster with automated workflows. With notifications, you can even stay informed about who’s making changes in your sheet.

Keep teams and stakeholders updated with reports

Creating reports from data stored is generally a tedious and labor-intensive job.  The good news is that with Tigersheet in place, you don’t have to worry about this! 

Tigersheet offers a wide variety of powerful reporting options such as Standard Views, Charts, Pivot Tables, Kanban Boards, Grouping Items and Filtered Views. This enables you to easily analyze your data and derive great insights. The intuitive drag and drop interface further make it super easy to construct the required reports in a matter of a few minutes!

With a handy Report Builder, you simply follow a few prompts to build and customize a report. 

Bonus tip: If you publish a report, the people you share it with can see the information without being shared with the underlying sheets, which can be helpful if you have data in the sheet(s) that shouldn’t be, or doesn’t need to be, shared.

Filters help get to relevant information in a sheet

Filtering in sheets might be the most useful feature you will discover as you embark on a journey with Tigersheet (of course there are many more!). If you’re one of those individuals who gets bogged down with a lot of data and is working in a sheet that has hundreds of rows and you’re overwhelmed by information, consider setting up a filter or two. 

For one of the sheets you need to reference, for example, you only care about the projects assigned to you. So, create a filter to show only those projects where you are listed as the owner, so instead of 157 rows, you’ll see a quarter of them. There are far more uses for filters; don’t be shy about trying them. 

Bonus tip: Sorting and filtering are two different features, so be sure to learn the differences.

Got A Lot of Data in a Spreadsheet? Import from Excel to get started without losing anything!

By the time you discovered Tigersheet, you’d probably already made an Excel sheet or two (thousand). Perhaps you painstakingly copied and pasted all those spreadsheets into Tigersheet. Or, maybe — faced with the inescapable drill through Microsoft Excel — you left it alone.

We understand your pain.

If you have data housed in Excel spreadsheets, then you can benefit from Tigersheet’s importing capability. This allows you to bring your Excel record to the platform and create custom applications using them.

Don’t Know How to Use Import? Head on the guide here: https://tigersheet.com/blog/feature-import-excel-data-to-tigersheet/

Don’t forget about YouTube videos!

Even some of our most proficient customers find our YouTube tutorial videos helpful. And don’t forget about one of our best resources, the Tigersheet Knowledge Base (Help Centre). You can simply have these sites bookmarked because I visit them almost daily to find the answers I need.

Keep Learning with Us.

As you continue using Tigersheet, you’ll build more skills and be able to increase the agility of work. Tigersheet is flexible enough to meet any business need, so odds are you’ll find new ways to get more done, faster. And pretty soon, you’ll be teaching us a thing or two!