Everything You Should Know About Event-Triggered Messaging Unleashed!

Everything You Should Know About Event-Triggered Messaging Unleashed!

“Would you like to have Coke with it?” 

Have you ever given a thought why Dominoes send you this message while you are enjoying a cheese burst pizza you just ordered?

We will break it down for you! Because: 

  • It’s Relevant– Now, who would not want a glass full of coke with their pizza?
  • It makes sense in context– You are at Dominoes and you are obviously hungry, aren’t you?
  • It’s Timely- It’s the best time you would most likely want to take action!

Event-triggered messaging also called behavior-driven messaging is a web application feature that involves sending automated emails or SMS messages on a pre-determined schedule, or based on application events. Messages can be triggered by any event, from customer interactions to changes in data and everything in between.

Where is Event-Triggered Messaging Used?

Behavioral or event-triggered messaging is useful across various business and industries, here we bring out some of the most common ways organizations use it:

Creating Workflow Applications: Triggered messaging is widely used in building workflow applications that can help to automate business processes. For example, A project proposal report often requires separate approvals from managers in various departments. With a workflow application, that proposal report will move from manager to manager for approval automatically.

Automatic Communication with Customers: When customers complete a form or sign up for an account, this can automatically trigger an event sending a confirmation email to the customer. 

Alert Business and Officials to Problems: Using event-triggered messaging, executives and managers at the organization can be notified about any time a sensitive business issue occurs, such as customer account cancellation.

Report Distribution and Sharing: Many companies set up their reports to run on weekly/daily intervals. With the help of event-triggered messaging, they can automatically distribute these reports to various department heads without any human involvement.

Introducing Triggers in Tigersheet- Create Powerful Workflow Applications in a jiffy!

Triggers are one of the most vital automation tools inside Tigersheet that take away all the hassle out of tracking your work, managing your client and employee relationships and tracking your time.

Our smart triggers run in the background – shooting off emails, tasks, status changes and a lot more- so that you can focus on the work that matters leaving Tigersheet to handle the rest! The best part, these can be defined across nearly all your workflows (Sales, Requests, Approvals, Invoices, Companies and Even Contacts).

IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING. A Wrong Message sent at an inappropriate time is as powerful as a bad punchline!

With Tigersheet in place, send the perfect message at the perfect time. You can use event-triggered messages to send to customers that are actively reading your email messages or to re-engage users after a set period of time. You can use event-triggered messages as a way to thank someone for visiting your website or for making a purchase on your website. Event-triggered messages can be set up based on any user activity such as email opens or clicks and more specifically, based on which links the user has clicked on.